South African Bicycle Builders An exhibition of locally built bicycle frames curated by Stan Engelbrecht and Nic Grobler.
Most people, even South African bicycle enthusiasts, don't know that we used to have a burgeoning local frame building movement. Le Jeune, Alpina, Hansom, Du Toit - to name a few - are very commonly seen vintage brands on South Africa's roads, and all share a proud locally-built heritage. There are even a few obscure and very collectable high-end frames out there. But the frame-building movement slowly dissolved in the 1980's, and it's only now, with the pervasive popularity of bicycling and the new enthusiasm for old steel frames, that these classics are being rediscovered. People are falling in love with the traditional bicycle-building material again - it's authentic and historic, and possesses the famed & feel of steel. This small exhibition showcased a number of these classic bicycles that come from the private collections of a few South African friends - some are ridden daily, others only on Sundays, some are displayed on walls like the artworks they are, and they are all loved. Prints of exploded view bicycles available -