Realisation that you are almost lost in a state of over optimism, and then deciding to still hold on to it like it is the most valuable thing on earth. As if everything is actually impossible all the time but it happens anyway. The most important thing remains to observe a sense of wonder and a sense of beautiful possibilities.

We all have a fascination with an impossible or even failing object, it can be a symbol for hope - it might be an object that is imaginative, one that challenges physics and ‘normal’ conditions. Even thought failure is most likely, the aim is not to end with failure, but to iterate and explore, to find a new way that is part of reality. It is displaying not the object but the attempt and the dream itself. Like a dream object. Dysfunctional but beautiful. Like a physical sketch of an object.

A single line kite is controlled by letting go - you can’t change direction when the line is tight. Once you let go and then tension releases you wait until the kite is positioned into the direction you want it to be in. It is a form of control or steering, but involves giving up your grip for a moment. When things are suspended they are in the realm of possibility.

Exhibited as part of a group show at SMITH gallery - "Calibrating Wonder"